Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Little Mind at Work

Nothing much happened around this house today. Baby Girl was free from all her mucus, so thanks for the prayers! However, she was still very crabby. I noticed a small white spot on her upper gum, so maybe, just maybe we have a tooth coming in after all. I did manage to snap a few funny pictures of her little mind at work today (during one of the few times she wasn't clinging to my leg and whining).

These pictures are in a series of steps. First up...

Step 1: Climb inside the toy bucket.

Step 2: Stand up in toy bucket.

Step 3: Fall backwards out of toy buckey in order to dump all the toys out

(she wasn't injured, no worries).

Step 4: Mission Accomplished! Get inside the empty toy bucket!!!!

Step 5: Beg for Mama to get me out so I can try it all again!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! We love and miss you!


  1. looks like she was on a mission! We miss you all.

  2. Nathan usually pushes her around in that empty tub like a sled, so she loves to get in it! Today the toys were in her way!