Monday, August 23, 2010

Sick Baby :(

Well, I've got a sick baby. She isn't feeling too bad - just bad enough to make for a really long day for the mama. She's was REALLY restless last night and this morning awoke with a lot of mucus. We had a few fun moments today like a little snuggle with the brown furry dog.

Mostly we just cuddled. How could you resist a long snuggle with this sweet face?

Gotta run to Target...we need some formula. We are in the process of introducing cow's milk to AC. Since she has been on soy since 10 weeks old, her little system isn't used to the proteins in cow's milk. After she turned 1 year old, the pediatrician wanted me to start out with 1 part cow's milk/3 parts soy and work my way up to 100% cows milk. This week we are 1/2 of each. So far so good. Hopefully soy formula will be a thing of the past in no time at all. Everyone say a little pray that my sick girl feels better tomorrow!!

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