Monday, August 30, 2010


Monday lived up to its reputation. It was long and tiresome. We are all still so sleepy from our long day yesterday. This morning we went to the water company to pay our bill. We stopped by Target and bought some Puffs (which are now scattered all over the back seat of the car). AC spent the rest of the day dragging clean dishes out the dishwasher, crawling between the couch and the wall, pulling Daddy's books off the shelf, scattering jars of spices from the spice rack all around, dumping out the dog water multiple times, eating a Post-It, eating a bug, and practicing her pinching skills. Mama is worn out!! I'm going to leave it at this and share a few pictures from today.

Happy girl after her nap!

Carrying around all the cups she can hold...I'm started to wonder about the girl and her need to have her hands full!

Keeping watch for lizards!

I'm working on something really cute for one day this week, but my computer skills are failing me at the moment. Hopefully, I can get it together soon!
Good night!!

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