Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wrapping up the first year

We (me, the daddy, baby girl, and furry child) are quickly approaching the 'one year' mark - one year since we moved away. Approximately 1,100 miles away. We still miss home just as much now as we did one year ago.

More importantly, we recently celebrated another '1 year' mark. Our baby girl has been alive for one entire wonderful year. And while it has been magical watching her grow and discover the world this year, we miss you all terribly. So after much thought, I've decided to start this little blog. It's my way of letting you share in her daily life even though we are 1,100 miles away. We want you to be able to see her grow while we aren't there with you.

Just a few small things I think you should know:
1) I am REALLY new at have patience with me as I learn to be a 'blogger'.

2) We would love for you to leave comments if you would like. However, you must have a Gmail email address. It's no big deal to create one. That's what I did...I don't use the email, except to do this blog. If you are interested, just go to You will see "Gmail" on the top left. Click on it and you will be led through the process.

3) I oftentimes have a messy house. You will probably notice it in the pictures and videos. Don't hold it against me...I'm working on it.

4) I will never use our names (unless it's an accident) for safety purposes...the daddy tells me there are lots of bad people out there :)

So, I hope you enjoy this. We don't always do new and exciting things, but we do have a lot of fun everyday! We love and miss you all!!

Here are a few pictures from today. It was a pretty typical day. We went to the mall and TJ Maxx, just to get out of the house. Then we watched some Wiggles and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on YouTube (AC's new obession), ate some snacks, and played with the furry one. The Daddy will be back from Haiti tonight after 4 days there. We've missed him :)
Just sitting in her new chair. Thanks Nina and Papa!!

"Mommy bought these new boots at TJ Maxx!"

Fun with sisters (not sure why this picture is over there).

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

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