Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Fun

Today was all about fall! This morning AC went to the pumpkin patch with her class! They each got to buy a pumpkin, get their picture taken, and hear a story about pumpkins. I didn't go with her, but I heard it was a really good time!

AC and her classmates!

More pictures of this trip will be on a blog in the very near future! I'm waiting for another mom to email them to me!

The fun continued this evening. AC's school had a Fall Festival! She and I waited for Daddy to get home from work and then we headed on over.

I knew that she would be crazy wild once we got there, so I tried to get a few pictures of her before we left. Here she is playing in her kitchen.

I took this picture as she was asking me, "Me take baby to Winnie's house?" In other words, "Can I take my baby to Ms. Lyndi's (her teacher) house (school)?"

She didn't stop moving the entire 2 hours we were there. Here she is walking on a wooden bench. Her best buddy, Matilda, is right behind her!

Looking back to see if Matilda is following her.

Taking a Hay Ride with Daddy who is trying to get her to look at me for a minute!

It was a really good time. Daddy is tired and sweaty from chasing AC and Matilda around. I wish you could see these two girls together. They walked around holding hands all night. It was the absolute sweetest thing ever.

AC pretty much begged to go to bed when we got home. She didn't nap today and was exhausted. That is only the 2nd time in her little life that she hasn't taken even a short nap. She lay in her bed and sang songs for 2 whole hours. No tears. No yelling for Mama. Just singing.

I'm sure we will pay for this lack of sleep tomorrow! Pray she isn't unbearable!

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