Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rain Forest

It has been raining for three straight days. It feels like we are living in the rain forest. Poor Mamaw and Papaw have been stuck in the house with us! Today we decided to brave the rain and go get a little lunch. What better place to go on a rainy day than the Rainforest Cafe. It was the very first time for all of us and we LOVED it.

There were tons of cool fish. AC had a blast trying to find Nemo, Nemo's Daddy, and Dori!

She loved the elephants but when they started moving, she turned to Daddy and said, "Daddy, no elephants get me, please!"

She wasn't as afraid of the gorilla as she was of the elephants.

She really loved these tigers. She kept saying, "Mommy Tiger, Daddy Tiger, 2 babies!"

The best part of the entire trip was that AC actually sat in a chair and ate almost her entire meal. She was so good. AND it has finally stopped raining!!!

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