Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I think before I had a baby, I thought only hippies were interested in organic food. It was a shallow and immature assumption. I knew almost nothing about organic food and therefore wasn't interested. I'm not sure exactly when I "saw the light," but I often wish it had been much earlier in life. I think it may have been when I read this article almost 2 years ago. Seven Foods that Should Never Cross Your Lips. This article sparked my interest and I began researching the things I had read about. This research led me to lots of other interesting discoveries about cookware, plastics, laundry detergents, and children's clothing just to name a few.

Sure it costs more. Quite a bit more in some cases. But we are willing to make sacrifices in other areas to make organic products a part of our lives. I believe it is the best way. The only way for my little girl. Is everything we eat or use organic? Absolutely not. I'm not disciplined enough for that. Maybe someday.

I have found a wonderful website that provides great information on almost everything parents use on a daily basis. I use this website all the time. It's called The Good Guide. It has lots of practical information.

I'm writing all this for several reasons. First, I want to remember the websites/links I have included. If I write them down, I will surely lose the paper. I can't find anything these days and my memory seems to be completely unreliable. Secondly, I wanted to share some good info for anyone that might be looking for a place to start with organics. Finally, I want everyone to be more aware of all the things that go into our bodies. Especially our babies. Let's keep them as pure as we can. They are totally reliant on us. It's our duty to do our research and give them the best we have.

So call me a hippie. I can take it :)

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