Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sick or Not Sick?

Today was pretty typical. Church, lunch, nap, play. It has been raining all weekend, so we haven't been anywhere. AC had a rough day at school on Friday. The secretary called to tell me that she wasn't feeling well. I rushed to pick her up and found her sound asleep on a mat in the office. I expected a long weekend of nursing a sick girl. However, she never got sick. It's weird and I'm still puzzled by it. This child will sleep NO WHERE except the bed. Not the car, not the couch. Unless she's sick. When she's sick she passes out cold wherever she feels most comfortable. Just like she did at school. I was prepared to fight the stomach virus (which other classmates had) and it never happened. I'm not complaining.

However, there was something else that was bugging her. When we got home from school, AC started complaining that her boo-boo hurt. I finally noticed a big swollen knot on her leg with 2 red spots on it. It was so tender that she wouldn't even let me touch that leg anywhere. After calling the teacher and Daddy, I decided to take her to the dr. We feared it may be a spider bite. The dr. didn't have an answer that satisfied me. She said it was a scrape which it clearly isn't. Anyway, I've been watching it all weekend and it has gotten better. It's not gone but it's no longer swollen and painful. Weird, weird, weird.

Back to today. Here is my girl having a little snack after church.

Nice footrest, AC.

Happy Sunday to you all! We hope you enjoyed that beautiful fall weather you are having (and we so desperately miss)!

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