Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Morning!

"Mommy, me help you!" she yells before the sun has even risen. My clock reads 6:14. Geez, why is she already awake? I think. "MOMMY, ME HELP YOUUUUU!!" I laugh as I crawl out of bed wondering what in the world she wants to help me with at 6 am, and also wishing I hadn't stayed up so late reading a new book. As soon as I open the door to her room, she says, "Mommy, me pee in potty NOW!" She had on a diaper but I guess she is finally beginning to recognize the feeling of having to go. Woohoo! We rushed downstairs in our sleepy stupor and, sure enough, she peed on the potty! We did the whole you-peed-on-the-potty celebration and had a little talk about not pooping in her pants today. All the while, I make a mental note to buy a potty to put upstairs. The joys of motherhood.

Then breakfast commences. I fix AC her usual, Cheerios, milk, and banana, while she begins to watch Leap Frog Letter Factory. As soon as I put her breakfast down in front of her, she proclaims, "Me don't like this anymore." Two things run through my mind. 1) What! Of course you like this. Besides I don't have anything else this morning. 2) When did you develop this little attitude, missy! After a short protest on her part and longer period of ignoring on my part, she caved and ate it. But she wasn't shy about letting me know she wasn't happy. I received the Evil Eye about 15 times.

Then it was time for dressing and hair-fixing. She was surprisingly cooperative for this. That is until she decided she didn't want to wear a sweater after all. Thankfully I found a little Disney poster that featured Woody and Buzz. Operation Distraction was a success.

Then we were off to school. She was pretty cheerful on the car ride and very happy to see her teacher once we arrived. I just hope she doesn't have such an attitude when she gets home!

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