Monday, March 21, 2011


Preface: Daddy took AC with him to Sherwin-Williams yesterday. She came back with only 1 shoe. The other shoe is M.I.A. forever.

AC and I headed to Old Navy this morning to buy a new pair of little silver flip flops. I am sad to report that they didn't have any silver ones. And you know I'm not going to buy the pink or purple ones with flowers/butterflies/sparkles, etc. I just can't do it. I'm not that desperate. Old Navy was a waste of time. However, T.J. Maxx wasn't. We left there with 5 outfits for AC for only $25. While not a complete steal, it was a good deal for me as I am not a bargain hunter. It stresses me out. Here's what we got.
All things from Carter's. T.J. Maxx is the best place to buy Carter's, in my opinion.

AC had to point out the eyes and mouth of the fish on the this dress.

In other news: AC is talking more and more each day. You must know how thrilled I am about this. Finally. It's like a switch has been flipped inside her little brain. New words this week:
mon = come on
wawa = water
yeah = yes
up = up

All her words:
Daaee = Daddy
Mama = Mama
nana = banana
ba = ball, box, or book
du = duck
bee = bread, Barney, or Buzz
wee = Woody
beer = bear
ra = rock
na = no
baaa = back
woof = dog
maow = cat
ride, ride, ride = horse
moo = cow
open = open
hi = hi or bye
ah nah = oh no
wow = wow
bia = yet to be determined, possibly Gracie

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