Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Return of the Rash

The diaper rash is back. I'm so fed up that I hate even saying it. I spent a little time googling what to do for it and why it might be recurring. One website said that the only way to make sure that it goes away and stays away is to potty train your child. While I'm annoyed by the ridiculousness of this statement (not all babies with rashes are capable of using the potty yet), I'm going to do it. Yes, I'm buying a potty chair. I'm that sick of it. It may take a month or 6 weeks, but I believe she can learn. She has been showing signs of bladder control for a month now. My mom said that both my sister and I were using the potty before we were 2 years old. So, here we go! God willing, I'll have a 22 month old potty user!!

Today we had to run to the furniture store. AC scribbled all over my couch cushion with a black pen. I wanted to see if they would sell me another box of stain remover. No luck. I have to call the manufacturer. Before we leave to go anywhere, I let her select 2 toys she wants to take with her. She chose a ball (like always) and a purse. Little did I know that this particular purse contained a wad of brown play-doh. It wasn't until I was pinged in the back of the head while sitting a stop sign that I realized she had play-doh. And not only was she throwing it, she ate most it.

Look at that play-doh face. Disgusting, huh?

So, I'm taking suggestions for good potty chairs and techniques. And in the meantime, pray that this rash leaves us the heck alone!!!

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