Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Today was a really good day around here. Nothing extraordinary happened. It was just a relaxed and upbeat day. This time change has thrown off AC's sleep habits a bit. You all know my girl goes to bed super early. Well, we've moved it back an hour because it is so bright outside at her bedtime. She is adjusting well. She woke up this morning ready to play. After breakfast, we ran to Home Depot, Target, and Publix. When we got home, she decided to play with her baby and stroller for a bit. Eventually, she decided she wanted to sit in Baby's stroller.
She didn't play this for long because the stroller quickly collapsed under all of her 30 lbs.

Then she decided to have a tea party with my new dishes. I bought 16 pieces of Corelle because it is virtually indestructible. And because I only have 5 pieces of my original set. I'm hoping my new Corelle lasts as long as my mom's has.

We also went to the park. She had so much fun. She found a friend that was about her size. She was so very sweet to this little girl. She gave her multiple hugs and kisses, helped her get off the slide, let her hold her ball, and told her a few stories. She is incredibly friendly and this makes me smile. She had a quick bath and then I had to go back to the chiropractor. So, Daddy fed AC her dinner and put her to bed.

The chiropractor said I have a reverse curve in my spine which causes it to be weak. I need lots of adjustments. Blah, blah, blah. When I got back I asked Daddy if AC ate her dinner without a fight. He proceeded to tell me that she didn't want it so he gave her yogurt and piece of bread. And she ate it, he said. Whatever works, right?

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