Sunday, January 29, 2012

Growing Things

Growing things. Seeds and baby birds, that is.

At AC's school, they have a little garden. The students get to help plant the seeds, water these seeds, pull weeds, and watch it grow. They do this daily. Then when it begins to grow they get to pick the vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Many kids will actually eat the things they helped grow. It is such a great thing. AC loves it. She talks about planting her seeds and even showed me how to do it in the yard. So when I saw these little pots in the $1 bin at Target, I knew she would love them. She does.

We are patiently waiting to see little sprouts.

I also found this little birdhouse. She was so excited to color it. I promised her that we would hang it outside for the baby birds tomorrow.

Love her concentrated face (or lip)!

We love and miss you all!

1 comment:

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