Saturday, January 28, 2012


A few weeks before Christmas, my sister sent me a text message that said she thought AC looked just like the new Disney princess. Well, I hadn't heard that there was a new princess, so what did I do? I googled it. When I saw this picture, a few things ran through my head.
1) Do other people view AC as a redhead? Because I really never had. Maybe auburn in the right light.
2) What the heck? Sure, Megs. If you say so.
When I showed this picture to Daddy, he thought my sister was insane. He began texting her pictures of kids who looked more like this Princess Merida (according to him). Like this little lady. Bless her heart.

We all shared a good laugh and went about our business. Then, while we were at home for Christmas, my sister brought it up again. She thought AC looked just like the new princess, Sofia the First. Sofia the First? Not Princess Merida? She googled Sofia the First and this sweet little picture popped up.

And I have to agree. I know I'm a little biased but I really do think that AC favors the new little princess at times. What do you think?

Not only is she the newest Disney princess, but she is also the only princess that isn't an adult. I just know that AC is going to LOVE her when she debuts this fall!

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