Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For My Girl

My dearest baby girl,

Today your daddy and I attended your very first parent-teacher conference. 11:15 with Ms. Lyndi for your mid-year progress report. As we sat down at the little red table in your classroom, I couldn't quite believe that you are big enough for this (and I prayed a quick prayer that the tiny chairs wouldn't crush beneath us...Daddy's did). Ms. Lyndi opened a folder that was labeled with your name. I remember those folders from my days as the teacher. Those folders hold lots of papers that tell us special things about you, your brain, your heart, and your spirit. So when she slid the first paper across the table toward Daddy and me, I wasn't nervous at all. Because, you see, my girl, it doesn't matter what these papers say. I already know the things that make your brain, your heart, and your spirit so special. No one knows more than me.

These papers said wonderful things. It's no secret that the beginning of this journey was difficult for you. You are the baby in your class. All of your friends have turned three already and you were 2 1/2 this week. That means six months of changes and discoveries for them that are still waiting for you. There were days when this frustrated you and you didn't yet have the words to express it. The papers said just this. But this was months ago and you have grown so much. The papers said this as well. You have blossomed and are doing wonderfully in school. You are so very smart, you make wise choices, and you are incredibly loving. "She is just a joy, Sara. Truly," said Ms. Lyndi. She also said, "This girl of yours is a leader. A natural leader. When she walks in the room, she draws the other children to her like a magnet. I'm telling you now that she may very well be the first female president of this country!" My cheeks hurt from smiling. I'm just so very proud of you. I'm excited that you are thriving at school. And I know that you are headed for big things, my Monkey. Daddy and I love you more than you love Diego. And that's a lot.

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