Sunday, January 8, 2012


Our Christmas celebrations began on the 22nd when we loaded up the car and headed to Mamaw and Papaw's house. We spent 3 days with them and Daddy. We also had visits with lots of family members...both Aunt Tammys, Valerie, Bradley, Aunts Kaye and Faye, Aunt Robin, and Aunt Marissa! We really missed Aunt Nicki and her crew and Uncle Judd! It wasn't the same without you all.

These 3 days were a wonderful time for my girl. She got lots of presents and snuggles. As always, we left with full hearts because of the love and generosity that our family continues to shower us with. We are so lucky to have all of these people in our lives.

AC opening a few presents!

Yummy cupcakes by Aunt Murr!

We arrived back at Nina and Papa's on Christmas Eve and headed straight to the Redmon Family Christmas. It's a real party and we didn't want to miss seeing this side of the family. With almost 100 relatives in 1 house, things are bound to be entertaining. This is the second Christmas without my Granny, so it was nice to have everyone together to celebrate Christmas just as we had when she was here. She was smiling down on us all that night, I'm certain. I didn't get any pictures this night. Too much going on and a certain little girl was completely wild. Lots of sugar, lots of kids, a new present, and a visit from Santa...she was not sitting still for any pictures, I tell you.

A few short hours later and it was morning. Here are a few pictures of AC's first glimpse at what Santa had left at Nina and Papa's. It wasn't much because we can't fit any presents in our luggage, but she didn't notice and was excited just the same.

Showing the doggie her new markers!

Shining her new flashlight at Daddy

We couldn't spend a lot of time with the presents because we had to hurry to make it to church. Here is the best picture I could get of this excited girl in her Christmas dress.

Soooo happy to be with her Aunt May.
After church, AC took a quick nap and then we headed out for another family Christmas celebration. Nina's side of the family. It is an annual tradition for all the cousins to sit on my grandma's couch and take a picture. I must say that it is quite interesting to look at how much we've all changed over the years. Here we are this year.

After eating, the present-opening began. Barbies=love for AC.

Loving her new princess costume.

2 new Barbies!! (Just a little side note...AC's hair is a disaster. I'm aware. It was a rushed morning. Pick your battles, right?!)

A Doctor Kit!!

Sweet Baby Caroline

Giving Papa a shot with her syringe from the doctor kit!

Checking Mommy's heart

Aunt May and Justin

After the celebration wrapped up, we all came home and called it an early night. We had a great Christmas this year. We are so very blessed to have so many great people to love. And who love us.

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