Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Daddy's Ideas

It seems that Daddy is full of fun and exciting ideas lately. Like sticking tiny eyeballs to your forehead and then running around and screaming, "I'm a MONSTER! RAHHHH!"
Pretending to be a multi-eyed monster was the best idea Daddy ever had....until this one, that is. A homemade basketball hoop. She loved it. Daddy was trying to show her how to dunk it. She was getting angry at him for "not playing nice and not being gentle." At least she is listening to a few things I tell her.

Then Daddy went and outdid himself with a tasty little smoothie. She couldn't get enough. She drank so much that she later told me, "Mommy, my tummy is hurtin'."

AC and I are really glad that Daddy is so much fun! He really gets her imagination running wild!

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