Monday, March 12, 2012

Meeting Dora

I'm convinced that the greatest moments in life are those when you get to see your kid experience pure joy. We had one of those moments yesterday when AC met Dora for the very first time. We went to a birthday party for a little girl named Mia who was turning 2. AC was starstruck at first and then completely excited about seeing Dora!

Giving Dora a high-five. She also gave her a bear hug but I didn't get a picture of it!

Just taking it all in. Dora, Backpack, Map, balloons, a bubble machine, a bounce house, cake...she was in 2 year old heaven!

The birthday girl, Mia, playing limbo with Dora.

AC's turn at limbo!

She begged to have her picture taken with Dora and the birthday cake. I think she thought it was her party!

She had a great time! When Dora came on TV last night, AC acted as if they were best buddies. She would say, "Hi, Dora! We just saw you a few minutes ago! Tell Diego Anna Claire said hi!"

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