Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pink Eye Day 4

Not much change in Day 4. Her left eye has lots of those bright red spots (subconjunctival hemorrhage) which I think has been caused by lots of crying and a few long coughing spells during the last few nights. When I raise her eyelid, her eyeball looks kinda yellowish on the top part. I feel like I was able to actually get the drops in her eyes tonight. I probably put in more than I should have. Tomorrow will make Day 5 and most of the websites I have read said pink eye should be gone in 5 days. If it isn't noticeably better in the morning, we are going back to the doctor.

She loves this little Scentsy candle I have in the bathroom. She turns it on everytime she washes her hands.

About her hair: You have probably noticed that her hair has been messily pulled up in a ponytail the last few weeks. She has had a rash on the back of her neck for a few months now. I think it might be mild eczema. The doctor thinks she just has sensitive skin. Anywho, I keep her hair pulled up because the rash flares up when she gets hot. It seems to be really itchy too. Thankfully, it has almost completely disappeared since I've started keeping her hair off her neck.

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