Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pink Eye Day 5

Today is Pink Eye Day 5 and I'm finally comfortable saying that I think she is on the mend. She kinda has to be because we're out of the drops!

Her left eye is still really bloodshot. But I think it's from the coughing fits she's been having at night.

She actually let me pick up her eyelid to snap a picture. It's still red with a yellow tint.

Besides being Pink Eye Day 5, today was also lots of fun. First thing this morning, we headed to AC's very first dentist appointment. I am very happy to report that she did excellent! She was very cooperative and not one tear was shed.

Patiently waiting for Mommy to get all the paper work filled out.

Waiting for her turn see the dentist.

Talking to the hygienist about all her tools.

Getting her teeth polished.

After the dentist, we went straight to AC's school where they had the "Animal Kingdom" (aka small petting zoo) set up. She loved it.

Ms. Patti offering AC a little bunny. She wasn't in the mood for bunnies at this moment.

Feeding the goats.

Feeding the burro but asking to catch a chicken.

This girl has loved horses for so very long. The flame is still burning, as you can see.

After the horse rides, she went back to the petting zoo and loved on the little pygmy goats.

Then she decided she did want to hold a bunny after all. She giggled the whole time. She LOVED that bunny.

Tomorrow is Friday and we have BIG plans on the horizon. A big Easter egg hunt at school, Toy Story on Ice, and Nina's visit!

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