Monday, March 26, 2012

Pink Eye Day 2

Today is Day 2 of AC's first bout with pink eye. This morning she woke up and her left eye was completely mated shut. Her right eye was just partially mated shut. After I got them cleaned off, she hasn't had any more discharge from her eyes. We started her meds this morning. Let me just say that I don't understand why in this 21st century there isn't a better way to treat pink eye other than drops. Drops in a 2 year old's eye? Are they serious? It's nearly impossible. I'm just praying she is getting enough in there to help them along.

I'm going to try to update the blog everyday that she has pink eye. I know you're all just dying to see pictures of this red-eyed girl! God willing, she will never have pink eye again. But just in case, I'm want to make a record of how this nasty little experience plays out. That way I'll know just what to expect.

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