Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bad Back

Every day, and I mean every single day, someone tells me how huge my daughter is. I don't think that she's all that big, but everyone else seems to. I guess maybe my body is trying to tell me that she is indeed too big for be to be dragging around because last night I did some serious damage to my back. It was bedtime and I bent down to pick AC up. I felt the first twinge then. A few minutes later, she started squirming to get down and I felt a stronger pain. Then as I was lowering her into her crib, my back just quit. I've haven't gotten off the couch since, AND to make things even more enjoyable, AC has a cold. Darn you, Gymboree. Daddy has had a very long day. Bless his heart. We love him and appreciate all his nursing.

So, no pictures today. I'm in no shape to be chasing a toddler around with a camera. I'm typing this from the iPad because I can't get to the computer! Pray for us. Daddy's got a very busy week at work and we really, really, really need him at home.

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