Monday, February 7, 2011

Couch Cushions

Somebody got new shoes! She loves them! I think she feels like a big girl in these shoes because Mama has some (without the back strap)! These are the first pair she's ever worn that go between the toe!

Other than her shoes, she is very much in love with this at the moment. Putting all the couch cushions on the ground and covering them with a quilt. She lies on it, jumps on it, runs across it, and uses it as a bed for her dolls (Baby, Barbie, and Woody from Toy Story).
Watching a little Backyardigans.
Oh, how she loves Woody. She carries him around and kisses him. She makes him take sips of her cup. She helps him walk up the stairs and jump on the bed. She hasn't even seen Toy Story, but I'm thinking it may be on our list of things to do this weekend.
It wasn't long until she discovered that it would be super fun to put her chair on top of the cushions. A few seconds later, she flipped backwards and banged her head on the ground. No more chairs allowed on the cushions!
We hope you all enjoyed your Monday. It was a HOT one here! We love and miss you!

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