Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Strolling Around Town

Not much going on here today. Just a little Barney, a little counting, some flash cards, a few books, a little play-doh. Lunch of spaghetti and peas. A nap. Then we headed out to get a few things accomplished. But this came first. A little stroll with Baby.

Doesn't AC look like a mini Richard Simmons here!!! Bahahaha!
A few kisses for Baby.

Then she pulled some bark off the tree next to the driveway.
Waiting on my gas to pump and stopped to take a picture of something rare - AC not screaming or crying in her car seat.
Our first stop. Curtain rod...check.
Our second stop. Apple juice...check. Bananas...check. Cabbage for cabbage rolls...oops.
The bribe = Raisinets.
Now, I'm off the eat my P.F. Changs carryout (because I forgot the cabbage).

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