Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Here is a little outline of our day.
-AC woke up really early (5:45) crying. She never wakes up crying. I wasn't sure what was wrong until after I had pulled out all the stops to soothe her. Let's just say that she has a fierce case of diaper rash, the worst yet. She wouldn't sit down and didn't want to be held if your arms were on her tush. So we lay on the ground in front of the computer and watched Barney for a while. She was better after this.
-Daddy had an office football game this afternoon. AC and I had plans to go, but we just couldn't get it together and eventually Daddy had to leave without us. Maybe next year.
-AC took an early nap.
-After nap and lunch, we shared a little ice cream. She LOVED it. She is her mother's child.

"Here, Mama. You wanna bite?"
So very sad when it was all gone and Mama wouldn't get her another one.

-Daddy got home from his game. He took his girl outside to play for a while. She had to go to timeout when she got in because she kicked me in the stomach when I was taking off her shoes. And might I is the first time I have put her in time out and she has stayed. Usually I have to put her back in there at least 3 times. Woohoo for small victories!
-Dinner of cabbage rolls and baked potatoes. AC goes to bed. And then this girl gets some love from her dad. The poor thing is starving for attention.
We hope you all enjoyed your Saturday!

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