Tuesday, February 8, 2011


When we left home about 4 weeks ago, our luggage was really, really heavy. So, Nina promised to mail us all the things we couldn't fit. Well, today we found a big brown box sitting on our front door step. It was full of lots of fun things for my girl. Guess what her most favorite was?

The girl loves her some Barney. She was so excited to find him. It made my entire day. And of course, we found our dress-up clothes.

And a wonderful Valentine's Day card! It unfolded to make a big horse poster. Perfect for this little horse fanatic.
And then there was her dog. I found him here, sitting by the window, with a balloon that she got from the grocery today. She even put it on his paw. This girl makes me laugh.
Oh, and yesterday was Mamaw's birthday! We hope you had a great birthday, Mamaw! We love and miss you so very much!!!

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