Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well, Hello Year 29!

Today is my birthday! It is the day that marks the beginning of the last year of my 20's. All I wanted was for my girl to be happy and easy going. So, Daddy and I did things to make this happen. It all started early (because that's how we roll around here...e.a.r.l.y.) this morning when Daddy took her to pick up this little birthday surprise.
Of, course she ate one. Or half of one. The furry dog swiped most of it, as usual. After donuts, I got my gift. You know you're getting old when this present makes you jump for joy, literally. Hooray for steam mops!

Perhaps the best part of the day was the 2 1/2 hour nap that AC took. Thanks, sweet baby. After nap time, I continued my crusade for a tantrum and whine-free birthday. Therefore, we took a little trip over Monkey Joe's for the very first time.

AC had a blast. As soon as we got on the first contraption (for lack of a better word), she spotted a 3 year old boy who had on a Toy Story shirt. Well, that was it. She loved him. Who wouldn't? He had Woody AND Buzz on his shirt. Totally awesome! She spent the next 2 hours chasing him around all the bouncy things.

Getting ready to go into the first area.

This was my view most of the time. She never sat still. And yes, I had to go in with her. She is too young to do it alone. I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle and will most definitely be sore tomorrow. There's a reason almost-30 year olds don't get in bouncy houses.

I swear she heard the angels sing when she saw this beauty! Ride, ride, ride! Ride, ride, ride!

To end this wonderful day, Daddy took her fishing.

Watching Daddy bait his hook.

Yay! They caught one! She loved it.

And another! Look at that smile!

And another!
I think I've got a little fisherman on my hands. It was a wonderful day. Many thanks to those who sent birthday wishes. Every year that I get to spend my birthday with Daddy and my girl is a great one!


  1. happy birthday to you!!
    We love Monkey Joes too. I do wish our Monkey Joes was closer to your Monkey Joes so we could double date...

  2. Love the pictures and I REALLY love your comments. They made me lol. I'm so glad that you had a nearly perfect deserve it!
    p.s. maybe we should go ahead and set up a betrothal between AC and CDS before that Snyder boy tries to snatch her up!! HAHA