Friday, February 25, 2011


Rash Update: The body rash that you saw in pictures yesterday is almost completely gone! Woohoo!! The diaper rash, however, isn't. It seems to be a little less red, but it seems to be getting bigger. Weird. I'm giving this cream about 3 more days (or 2), and we are heading back. There's not much else to report. We went to Gymboree today and I'll have you know that the teacher commented on the bad behaviors I saw last week. Glad to know it wasn't just me that was annoyed.

Here are our Friday Favorites!
This week, Daddy has really enjoyed....
1) A new app on his iPad! Now he can listen to talk radio ALL the time.
2) Watching a certain team play b-ball.

This week, Mama has enjoyed...
1) ice packs on my back. Mine aren't quite like the one in this picture, but I'll use anything to make my back feel better!
2) regular doses of ibuprofen. For my back, of course.
3) Mama and Daddy discovered these last weekend and we both really like them! They are Naked Juices and have lots of lots of fruit and vegetables in them. They are similar to the V8 Splash only the Naked Juices have more of a smoothie texture. Also, no sugar is added. We are drinking the Green Machine right now.

This week, AC loves...
1) To say, "Stop it!!" and "No!" It seems like it has taken her forever to start using words, but now that her vocabulary is growing, she is using all the words that moms don't want to hear. I have to admit that it is cute to see her point her little finger and seriously say, "Staupppp It!" to the dog.
2) She also loves Toy Story 3. And so do I. It is a classic and the best of the 3. I think she would watch it all day if I would let her!

Happy weekend, everyone! Tomorrow we are headed to the circus. It should be a great time for all!

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