Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Beginning of a Busy Weekend

We close on our new house tomorrow! I can't believe we are moving again! This will be the 5th time we have moved since we were married 4 years ago. Here is how it goes: Moved to Georgetown, moved to Nicholasville, moved to Meade Co., moved to our rental house, and moving to our new house this weekend. To say that I'm dreading the entire process would be an extreme understatement. The fact that it is still close to 100 degrees here and it pours rain almost everyday this time of year (monsoon season) makes me cringe at the thought of hauling all of our belongings across 4 cities. And this time we don't have Bob! He's a moving machine!! We couldn't have done it without him last time. We love you Uncle Bob!

Because tomorrow is closing, we did a final walk-through today. It was SOOOO clean, which I'm thrilled about!! We had lunch with Daddy afterwards. A 2 year-old girl sat in the booth behind us and she and AC had fun trading sugar packets. She was not very enthusiastic about pausing for a picture with her mama.

Then we ran to the outlet mall (which just happens to be about 2 miles from our new house...woohoo!) to pick up a little birthday treat for our sweet friend Christian. He turns 2 this weekend and we are sad that we have to miss his party. AC spent the rest of the afternoon just playing with her toys and a stray pink highlighter apparently.

Recently she has started to try to comb her own hair, use q-tips in her own ears, put on her own shoes, etc. I'm guessing that maybe she mistook the highlighter for a q-tip! Who knows?!? Last night I found my ipod covered in orange crayon! Maybe I should stock up on Magic Erasers for the new house!

The next few days will be very hectic, and it is possible that we may have a lapse in internet service, so I'll apologize now if I don't get a chance to update you all! I promise to catch you up once we get settled! We love and miss you all!

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