Monday, September 27, 2010

The Daddy's Home!

It's been 9 long days since we saw the daddy last. He's been in New York City for work, so it's just been the girls around here. He was supposed to be gone for 3 more days, but that got cancelled! Woohooo! We are just so happy he's back! AC and I met him at the airport this afternoon.
She wanted to push the stroller around while we waited for Daddy's plane to land.

She was very interested in the little old man who was restocking the luggage carts.
Soooooo happy to finally see her daddy!

Hangin' out with Daddy when we got home. Yes, that's a bottle she has. I'm not as motivated as I should be to get rid of them. Soon, though. Very soon.

Here's to hoping things can get back to normal around here. The last two weeks have been exhausting in every way. We love and miss you! Please continue to pray for the daddy's brother!

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