Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What We've Been Doing

The last few days have been really busy for us. As of 4 o'clock today, we are completely out of the other house. It feels good...until I open my new garage door and see all the junk piled up. Maybe by this time next year I'll have it all the way I want it.

We are really enjoying our new house even though it is a mess. We have more room and it is just much nicer than the rental house. Here are a few pictures of my girl over the last few days. And yes, she is wearing the same outfit a that she wore a few days ago. Don't judge...I haven't found the box with her clothes in it. That's on my list for tomorrow.

Watching Daddy mow. We LOVE our big patio!

Watching some ducks on the water.

Spaghetti face on our first night at the new house. A big mistake on my part.

My clean floors got very, very, very dirty.

After the spaghetti, AC got a quick bath in the new sink.

Playing in the empty cabinets while Mama cleans the old house.

I can't wait to post some pictures of our new house, but it is a disaster right now. Maybe in a week or so! We love and miss you all!

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