Thursday, September 30, 2010

Puppy Love

First things did not rain today!!! We managed to get out of the house, but we didn't go too far. Just to Publix. We needed a few groceries. I've learned that if you go to the grocery store during the day, you will most definitely encounter several sweet old ladies that love to dote over a baby girl. And the baby girl loves it. She pulls out all the stops for them. You know...waves, toothy grins, bye-byes, and an occasional clap. She was in desperate need of some old lady lovin' after being stuck in the house with me for the last 2 days. The remainder of the day was spent playing with things she has uncovered in the clutter from the move. However, her most favorite things to play with today happened to be of a canine nature.

A few days ago, we went to Babies R Us. This sweet pink puppy was sitting on a display at the end of the aisle. AC went wild for it as soon as she spotted it. She hugged and kissed it and couldn't stop giggling. There was no way I was leaving that store without this dog. I dug through my purse and found 2 coupons (because stuffed animals this big aren't cheap), and a few minutes later, we were strolling out of the store with a big pink puppy in our cart. (She is carrying around a bag from the grocery). The poor yellow duck has been neglected since Pink Puppy came home.

Another puppy that gets lots of love from AC just happens to be real. It has been so wonderful watching my two girls form such a sweet bond. I can only imagine how much they will grow to love each other over the years. It makes my heart happy just to think about it. We are raising a dog lover, and that makes me and the daddy very, very happy. AC and G really loved each other this afternoon.

This dog has been wonderful with the baby. She is so patient and loving. She will let AC take food from her mouth (gross, I know), pull her tail, pinch her ears, and sit on her and bounce up and down. She takes it all in stride and keeps loving my baby girl. AC is one lucky girl. We love and miss you all!

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