Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to the Park

So, today we went back to the park. Not the same one as yesterday. This park is at the end of our neighborhood. It's not nearly as cool, but it worked.

After a few minutes of playing on the playground, AC saw this contraption. It was a small cage sitting in the middle of an open field. Weird. She hightailed it over to see what was inside.
This little banner was hanging on the outside, AND....
this little guy was perching atop a hole inside. A teeny, tiny burrowing owl. AC was mesmerized. After a few minutes of conversing with the owl, she said, "Bye, bye" and walked back to the slides!
And finally, when it was time to leave, she protested by trying to drag her car off. I eventually got her strapped into the car and we headed home. She was not a happy girl.
When Daddy got home, we went downtown to fill out more forms for property taxes. AC gave no less than her best as she smiled and waved and talked to EVERY single person we passed. What a sweet girl I have! We think we have all this tax stuff sorted out. Finally. Happy Monday, everyone!

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