Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feeling Better

I'm happy to say that AC is feeling much better today. I would say that she is completely back to normal, but I can't because she was really, really fussy today. I think she is getting more teeth. Here is how our day unfolded.

This morning she had some yogurt. It was actually my yogurt that she grabbed off the counter when I wasn't looking. She and the furry dog had a mild squabble over it. Mama won in the end.

After the yogurt war, we headed upstairs to straighten up my closet. I let her play on the bottom two steps for a few minutes while I gathered up all the laundry that needed to be taken up to the closet. When I returned to the steps, here is what I saw. Our girl loves to line things up! What a random assortment this is! And who knows where she found those tongs.

From left to right: maraca, empty juice box, rattle, pumpkin, packet of drink mix, pumpkin, tongs, 2 more pumpkins.

After cleaning out the closet, we came downstairs to find G. She and AC had a few snuggles.

Finally, the most exciting part of our day. AC and I went to check the mail and our neighbor, whom we've never met, introduced herself to us and asked if we wanted a wagon her grandchildren had outgrown. Of course! I've been looking for something like this for a few weeks! We thanked her and AC hopped on for her first spin with Daddy.

Look who found a rock on her ride! Imagine that. She was really excited to show it to her mama.

Happy Thursday! We love and miss you all!

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