Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miss Independent

It seems our girl has caught the "I can do it myself" bug. She's even doing things I wish she wouldn't, like taking her diaper off. In this picture, she has taken off her diaper and climbed into the chair all by herself.

I have my hands full with this child.

We went to our local "Little Gym" this morning for a trial class. "Little Gym" is just that, a little gym. It is basically a big room full of gymnastic mats, miniature balance beams, and swing bars. There are different classes based on age. The teachers show the kids how to use the equipment as best they can at that age. You'd have to see it to believe it, but there actually were some little 18 month olds that could walk on the balance beam and hang from the swing bars with very little help. They also play with bubbles, balls, and bells. "Little Gym" claims to help the development of coordination and social skills. My main goal was to get AC out of the house and active. I wanted her to be with other kids her age and to be able to run and play. She did just that. She really liked it, and as one of the biggest in her class, she had no trouble doing the activities. She was truly "Miss Independent"! I'm not sure we will actually join, but it was so fun to watch her play. I'm more determined now to find a place for her to go every week, even if it's not "Little Gym." I love to see her having so much fun! And the nice long nap afterwards doesn't hurt either!!

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