Sunday, October 10, 2010

AC's Sunday

The Sunday Happenings of AC:

7:00 am - Wake up. Talk and play in my crib until about 7:15 when Mama comes to get me. Have a big bottle of milk (6 oz. whole milk, 2 oz. soy milk). Yummy!
7:30-8:30 am - Play with my toys and my furry sister. Help Mama feed furry sister her breakfast and eat my breakfast.

8:30 - Mama gets me dressed for church.

9:00 - Daddy and I leave for church. Daddy puts me in the church daycare. I haven't decided if I like it. There was one nice lady there who let me sit on her lap most of the time. I cried and ran to my daddy when he came to pick me up. I really love my daddy.

11:00 - Daddy and I are back home with Mama. She feeds me some strawberries and kiwi, which I really love. Then I have to take a nap.

2:30 - Wake up from my LONG nap. I'm in a great mood and ready for an afternoon of play! Daddy is gone when I get up. He went to help his friend move something.

2:30-5:00 - I eat a scrambled egg and give my sister a few bites. I think it is really funny when she takes bites of my food. Mama puts my hair in pigtails. I think I like pigtails. We play outside for about 30 minutes. Furry Sister killed a lizard and Mama was screaming, so we had to go back inside. Later I found a bag of pretzels in the pantry. Mama was picking up my toys, so I just took them over to the treadmill and got a few out for me and G to share. When Mama saw me, she made me put them up. It was fun while it lasted!

5:00 - Daddy gets home and we got out to dinner. I was a really good girl. I even drew a picture on my Mum-Mum just for Mama and Daddy.
6:30 - We get home and Mama feeds me my dinner of cereal and yogurt. I get my jammies on and go to bed. Goodnight!

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