Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Shoes

AC has been wearing the same pair of gold sandals almost everyday for the last 2 months. They are too little, but she can still comfortably maneuver in them. However, these gold sandals won't cut it when we come home. Not only will they be way too small by then, but it will be too darn cold to wear sandals! So, I sat out on a mission to find a cute pair of shoes. A pair that would be warm enough and still be versatile enough to wear with lots of clothes. It took a long time because I'm picky. I realize that someday I will have very little say, if any, in what her shoes look like. So I'm taking advantage of these days. The days when she will put anything I tell her to on her foot just because she actually knows what "put your shoes on" means and it makes her excited. Here are my shoe criteria for AC:
1) No pink or purple.
2) No butterflies, flowers, balloons, or other corny glittered decoration.
Exceptions could be made to these rules if the shoes were cute enough! I had a really, really tough time finding shoes that followed the rules. But I did! Here they are...And they're gold!

I ordered 2 pairs. I'm still waiting on the other pair to arrive. They are a different color and style. We are only going to keep the pair that fit the best. I'm not totally sold on these. The strap should be a little farther back. This would help them stay on better. Also, I don't think they would look so good with socks!

AC cared more about smashing the shoe box than the actual shoes!

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