Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stroller Fun

For AC's first birthday, her Mamaw and Papaw gave her a gift card so that we could buy a stroller for her babies. Daddy and I wanted to wait until we moved to buy it so that we had one less thing to pack. Well, a few days ago, we finally got the stroller! And a baby girl loves it!!!

Here is the stroller with her baby inside! After only a few minutes, she decided she didn't want anything in her stroller and threw Baby out! Poor Baby.

However, she quickly discovered that she could push her blankie around. Blankie was the only thing allowed to ride in her stroller.

She loves it. She thinks it is hilarious to bump into stuff, especially the furry dog. She will hit the wall or a chair and crack up laughing! She is so goofy sometimes.

Besides the stroller, AC also got a few more things for winter. We got some great clearance deals from the Carter's store. She carried this outfit around for an hour or so and tried to hang it on stuff.

On an exciting note, she was jabbering and babbling ALL day. Daddy and I are sure that she officially has 3 words: bye-bye (her favorite), Mama (which usually sounds more like Mamamama), and Daddy (which sounds more like Dee-ee). Sometimes, we think we hear Gracie, mon (which means come on), and bite. She doesn't say these words enough for us to know if she is actually saying them or if we are wishful thinking (or hearing). She is growing so fast. It is hard to believe she will be 15 months old next week.

We love and miss you all!

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