Monday, October 18, 2010

Washing a Blankie

Everyone feels better today, so I spent the day catching up on all the household duties that had been neglected during our sick spell. AC's laundry was first on the list. This included her blankie, which was disgusting. She drags it around everywhere and it was filthy. When she wasn't looking, I put it on the washer and started treating all the stains. It didn't take long for her to realize where it was. She started begging for it right away.

"I know it's up there, Mama. You can't fool me."

"PLEASE let me have my blankie!!!!"

No worries. It was washed and dried before nap time. We spent the rest of the day just straightening up around the house. I had to post this picture that I took of AC this afternoon. She discovered a pocket on her outfit and insisted that I put my phone inside it. Look at the face on this silly girl!

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