Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ordinary Wednesday

Well my suspicions yesterday morning proved to be true this morning. Baby Girl has a cold. She woke up this morning at her regular time with lots of snot. Yuck! I had feared this would happen because I had a touch of something over the weekend and must have given it to her. The only thing worse than having a sick baby is knowing I am the one that made her sick. The only thing that makes it better is that I never felt REALLY bad, so hopefully she won't either.

Today was very uneventful. We all got up at around 6:45, had our breakfast, and played with some toys. Daddy left for work. AC and I went to Walmart and Publix. Daddy needed shampoo. Shampoo is way too expensive at the grocery store, so we went to Walmart right next door. When we got home, AC helped me put away the groceries, but not until after she attempted to make a small tower out of the canned goods.
After we unpacked everything, she went down for a nap. She didn't sleep long. Maybe because she was so stuffy. Oh, and the fact that she has bitten through all her pacifiers. Even the new ones for 12 mos. +. Pacis don't suck very well when they have holes in them.
We had lunch (chicken and broccoli fettuccine alfredo). AC really liked it, which made me happy as she is a picky eater. Recently she has started to try to feed herself with a little fork and spoon. It won't be long before she gets the hang of it. She is, after all, a very determined child (in many ways).

Yes, that is a hair tie. She found it on the floor and HAD to have it with her while she ate. Determined (or stubborn), I tell you.

The rest of the day was full of snuggles because who doesn't like to be snuggled when you are feeling sick. We had a few wrangles over the snot sucker. Speaking of snot suckers...I'm on a mission to find this little gadget. I've heard wonderful things about its snot-sucking abilities from some of my mommy friends. Keep your eyes out for me!

Read all about the wonders of the NoseFrida (click on the word 'NoseFrida'). It claims to be super hygienic and keeps kids off antibiotics, both of which I am slightly obsessed with.

Even though today was nothing extraordinary, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I get to spend every single moment with this sweet gift from God. We love her more and more each day and strive to be all that she deserves.

Happy Wednesday and Happy Birthday to Bud! We love you!

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