Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ants and Cookies

Today was the first day since we returned that Daddy hasn't had to work. After breakfast, he took his girl to Kohl's and I stayed home to clean the bathrooms. Call me weird, but I was so excited to get those bathrooms clean. Having a clean bathroom just makes my world a little more peaceful. But before all of this took place, I found this.

I mentioned yesterday that we have ants. The Terminix man came yesterday and treated the house. Well, he must have left this trap on the kitchen counter. As you can see, the ants flocked to it. The tube is actually full of dead ants right now and they are still marching in. He said to give it 10 days. Ugh. Nasty. I don't think I can look at this for 10 more days.

Anyway, Daddy and his girl ate lunch and snuggled after their trip to Kohl's. FYI, she had a gray sweater on before she took it off. We don't enjoy dressing our daughter as a robber.

Perhaps the most exciting part of our day was the discovery of these. If you are a fan of the Girl Scout Samoa cookie, you will LOVE this. Daddy and I ate the whole bag is less than 10 minutes!
Alrighty, I still have some cleaning to do. We hope you enjoyed your Saturday!

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