Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bath Time

Our new house has glass doors on the tubs. I, personally, hate them. They are impossible to keep clean, they harbor mold and other funky stuff, and they make it is impossible to bath a baby. So, AC gets to bathe in the big tub in our bathroom. She loves it. She begs to get in. I actually found her in there one morning in her clothes trying to turn on the water. It is like a swimming pool, with bubbles, of course. She was particularly grumpy this afternoon, so we headed upstairs to the "wa-wa." Plus tomorrow she has her 18 month check-up with Dr. Fang and we want to be extra clean.

She HAD to have her new pots and spoons in the bath.
Just drinking some bubbles. She loves to eat bubbles!
Mama says, "Show me your toes!" And she does. So smart.

This is what was left after all the water drained. 2 pots, a lid to the pot, a formula cup, a nasal aspirator, a pink mug, a pair of tongs for clean bottle pieces, and the fish head that fits over the water spout. Random yet entertaining!
Wish us luck tomorrow. I think we get another shot!

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