Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Typical Day

Happy Tuesday everyone! We had a pretty good day here. Just a typical day for me and my girl. This is the first picture I took today. It seems that my girl has learned to fake smile.

"Maybe she'll put that thing down and quit following me around if I give her a good smile right away."

After breakfast, we ran a few errands. First to Sam's Club.

Then to the paint store where we bought a sample of the color I want for AC's room. We love us some Benjamin Moore. Now we have to decide: A) If we really like the color B) What in the world to do about AC's sleeping arrangements while we are painting. Decisions, decisions.

After nap time, I decided to vacuum the couch. It seems that a certain brown dog has been napping there while we were away. AC had lots of fun jumping while Mama worked.

She actually got both feet off the couch on this one. I didn't get a picture because I had to dive in to keep her from landing on her face and adding carpet burn to the rash and bruise currently taking up residence on her face.

"What, Mama? I'm just having a little fun!"

Then we took a little walk around the neighborhood. Fun times. Highs of 80 here today.

Look what my little animal lover saw waddling up behind us.

Eventually she got restless and started hanging her right foot out. She thought it was fun to watch her shoes drag against the pavement. I did not. So we stopped for a few minutes until she decided to put her foot back in. She wasn't too happy about this.

Oh, and in case you all are sick of the snow, I know a place where the weather is wonderful, the room is free, the entertainment is cute and weighs about 30 lbs., and a round trip ticket on AirTran is about $150. We love and miss you all!!!

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