Monday, January 24, 2011

Cow Socks and Noses

We had an extended weekend. Daddy took the day off to run some very important errands regarding our property taxes. This is a stressful situation, to say the least, because things are done differently in this state. Pray for us. Part of this process requires me to stop living in denial and officially become a residence in this state. In other words...get a new driver's license. So, at noon I put AC down for her nap and left to go to the closest DMV. I'll spare you the details of my trip to the DMV. All you need to know is that I walked in the door, saw at least 75 people waiting, and walked right back out. On the way home I repeated 2 things to myself. 1) I can't believe I cried about that and 2) God bless my old Kentucky home far away. Yes, I cried. You have to live here to completely understand just how different and overwhelming this place is. However, when I pulled in the driveway, I saw this funny sight on the front steps.

I instantly forgot about the DMV insanity. I guess this what you get when Daddy is in charge. No pants and cow socks. Truly awesome.
Nothing much happened the rest of the day. Daddy mowed the grass, we played with toys, I did laundry. Then it was bedtime. What I thought was a sweet moment of AC coming in for a kiss turned into something completely different....
a nose inspection. Cousin Tyler would be proud!
"Come here, Daddy. Lemme get yours!"
Mama tried to return the favor.
We were eventually able to get her to bed! Oh, and she loved her new toys! I don't have any good pictures but I'll try to get some tomorrow!

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  1. I love when daddy is home to take pictures of mommy too!