Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rock Hunting, Again

Good news. Today was better. Not much, but better all the same. I'll take it.

Daddy had to take the car this morning and we needed to get out of the house in a bad way. So what's a Mama and girl to do? Go on a rock hunt, of course.

Just sitting still while Mama puts her shoes on.

"Here, Mama. You hold these for me."
Then she took off to look for more rocks.
Holding her most favorite rock in the air.
Taking a little break before she starts rocking hunting again.
She finds some rocks....
and brings them back to the step.
My favorite. After our rock hunt, she wants me to put her blanket on G. So I do. Then she lays on her and they stay like this for several minutes. Too sweet.
Happy Thursday, everyone! If you send us some snow, I'll send you some humidity!!

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