Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not Much

The Daddy is working this holiday weekend, so the munchkin and I are just hanging out. We aren't doing anything exciting. We tried to take a walk around the neighborhood today because the weather is fantastic now. The high today was 76. I actually turned my air conditioning on for a while this afternoon. The walk didn't last long because AC doesn't understand that we can't walk up on other people's front steps and play. Once Daddy got home, I went out to Target and Marshall's by myself. I found this cute purple dress at a really good price. I think she likes it!

This picture doesn't do the mess justice. While I'm so happy that Daddy is great with his girl while I'm gone, the level of mess is almost unbelievable.

Daddy and AC looked at flashcards while I was out. She followed me around with these 2 when I got home. They both have something on them that she loves!!
Balloons (or balls, as she calls them)!!!

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